About Us


Doctor Pelerin has been in private practice for over 40 years. He has created and patented several successful dental products including the GrindRelief Pro. He is co-founder of Advantage Dental Products and Grind Guard Technologies.
INGRID PELERINPresident and Co-Founder
Ingrid oversees international and domestic business. Educated in healthcare, Ingrid’s insights into patients’ needs have been instrumental in guiding the path of the company.
PAULA KOTOperations Manager
The company’s first employee, Paula is also the liaison for purchasing, marketing, advertising and legal services, as a degreed Legal Assistant. She also handles orders, customer questions and regulatory compliance.
In addition to being a chairside dental assistant for 20 years, Kelly manages inventory and helps with customer inquiries. She has vast experience with the clinical use of Advantage Dental products.
SUSAN MATTHEWSMarketing Manager
Susan has been associated with Advantage Dental, working on their material for over 15 years. She recently joined the staff overseeing the development of marketing and advertising material.
NORMAN HICKSIndependent Consultant
Norman is a 45-year veteran of the dental industry and provides strategic input, co-manages the development of advertising, collaterals and the growing bureau of supportive speakers and researchers.

Advantage Dental Story

Thermoplastics – a generic ad in an industry journal changed everything for Dr. Joseph Pelerin, DDS, a practicing dentist since 1974.

We’ve all read stories about inventors whose homes become mini-laboratories, thus was the case at the Pelerin household. Late nights, after the kids were in bed, playing with thermo-plastics to understand all their properties and the ways it could help the patients Dr. Pelerin was seeing.

A bonded plastic that by simply using hot water to soften, could be shaped/molded and harden to a more rigid plastic. A perfect solution for tackling some challenging problems in dentistry; starting with the time-consuming and expensive process of capturing impressions for crown and bridge. ThermTray1 was the first product launched by Advantage Dental in 1989.

A trade show conversation with a customer / colleague led to the development of the first “spin-off” product, Matrix Buttons, for quickly creating an accurate and inexpensive matrix / impression for a temporary crown, as a bite registration, temporary bruxism device, and more.

His next endeavor was to tackle the need for an effective desensitizer that cannot injure or burn the soft tissues. Published research by Dr. Franklin Tay addressed Chlorhexidine with HEMA as an effective alternative to Glutaraldehyde and led Dr. Joe to formulate Hemaseal & Cide. Patented and launched in 2000, Hemaseal & Cide was virtually an overnight success, mostly because of comparative testing published by CRA Newsletter.

All of Advantage Dental’s products have been evaluated and rated by at least one of the trusted “referee” organizations: CRA, REALITY, The Dental Advisor and Catapult.

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