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Hemaseal & Cide Desensitizer

Hemaseal & Cide

Desensitizer 10ml Bottle Item #170 | Desensitizer Unidose 0.1ml Bulbs Item #180

Hemaseal & Cide®; is THE Glutaraldehyde-free, Chlorhexidine – based formula for all direct bonding and cementation procedures. 20-year clinical track record of desensitizing, improved bond strength, reduced micro-leakage and TWICE the antimicrobial activity of the popular Glutaraldehydes. Economically priced, in bulk bottle and unit-dose.

Matrix Buttons


Temporary Matrix Buttons (72 pcs.) Item #100

Thermo-plastic Matrix Buttons allow a fast and accurate matrix for provisional C&B, bite registration, anti-bruxism appliance, and MORE. NO more expensive impression materials or trays! In and out of the mouth in 30 seconds. Works with MatrixTemp or any other acrylic. No gag, odor or taste issues like gooey impression materials.

  • Immediate bleaching trays
  • Small, stable impression that can be saved to make a new temporary in the event of loss or fracture of the provisional
  • Isolate sensitive teeth while operating in another area
  • Block out the space for the bridge pontic
  • Make bite registrations
  • Implant shims to guide placement
  • Border molding trays for denture impressions

Matrix Temps

Matrix Temp

MatrixTemp Shade A1/B1 (50ML) Item #101 | MatrixTemp Shade A2 (50ML) Item #102 | MatrixTemp Shade A3 (50ML) Item #103

MatrixTemp acrylic for provisional C & B has ideal NON-slumping viscosity for deep accurate margins, an extended rubber phase, high physical properties and NO exothermic heat. Economically priced in 3 popular shades.