Product Brochure

ThermTray1 Closed-Bite Impression Trays.

Use up to 70% less impression material.

The ThermTray1 quadrant tray requires only 17 ml of impression material. So think of the savings you'll enjoy per impression. And thanks to the unique thermoplastic bite wafer in every Advantage ThermTray1 (quadrant, 3/4-arch or anterior), you'll save valuable time. It accurately records the teeth opposing the crown or bridge to be made. So when removed from the patient's mouth the tray's impression is totally stable — without distortion or spring-back. The thermoplastic bite wafer thus eliminates remakes and adjustments, saving valuable chair time.

Here are other ThermTray1 benefits:

  • Adapts to any anatomy and produces absolute rigidity -- without spring-back distortion
  • Creates a guide to correct centric for final impression
  • Allows removal of the end bar whenever anatomy or clearance dictate
  • Produces the least "gag" of any tray
  • Yields three times as many impressions per cartridge of impression material
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