ThermTray1 Closed-Bite Impression Trays - Instructions

Posterior Impression Trays

Impression materials of choice are polyethers (impregum, polygel) and polyvinylsiloxanes.

Select proper tray (UL-LR or UR-LL) and soften in water bath at 150º F (65.5o C) or in one inch of water in ceramic coffee cup, microwaved for 90 seconds on high. Tray is ready when bite wafer is soft and clear (in approximately one minute).

Note: Adhesive should be placed in prep side of tray; may be done before placing in water bath

After placing anesthetic, stretch bite wafer forward and position tray. Have patient close to centric.

If patient is not in centric, instruct him or her to tap teeth slightly until you see (and patient feels) the centric position.

Push the bite wafer you previously stretched forward into the central or lateral teeth to form an anterior index to centric.

Be sure wafer is hard (set may be hastened by having the patient open slightly and spraying air on wafer for 30 seconds; then have patient reocclude).

Note: No time is wasted since tray sets while waiting for anesthesia.

Points of Caution:

• Always check wafer with explorer on buccal and lingual for white-hard set before removing.

After prep is completed, inject impression material of choice into tray, being sure to fill grooves in tray wall. Very little impression material is required.

Inject around prep and seat tray onto thermoplastic counter side previously recorded.

Have patient close to centric.

Note: Before loading and seating tray, it is recommended to practice closure without wash material.

Third-Molar Interference

Try in softened tray before starting prep. If patient cannot properly occlude, cut off end bar. Simply position tray over arch and tooth to be prepped. Have patient occlude and wait for thermoplastic to set. Use as you would in Step 4.

Anterior Trays

Very important! Follow instructions for posterior trays and note the following:

For lower prep impression, push thermoplastic bite wafer onto upper arch first, then have patient occlude into rubber impression material.

For upper prep impression, seat upper rubber wash side first, then have patient occlude into thermoplastic wafer. In other words, tray is always seated on upper arch first.

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