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Matrix Buttons.

The fastest and simplest way to make custom impressions for temporary crowns.

When making temporary restorations, you can be in and out of the patient's mouth in 30 seconds with Matrix Buttons from Advantage Dental. Simply soften a button in hot water. Then form it around the tooth (or teeth) to be prepped. Blow air to harden. Then remove.

Here are additional ways to use our Matrix Buttons:

  • Insulate sensitive teeth while operating in another area
  • An anterior bruxing device to offset clenching and grinding problems
  • Bite registrations
  • Implant shims to guide placement
  • Border molding trays for denture impressions


It's perfect for making temporaries with our Matrix Buttons.

Matrix Temp provides superb strength and fracture resistance, and its extended rubber setting phase allows removal from interproximal undercuts. Also, the thicker viscous consistency of MatrixTemp allows easy mixing and placement even without an automatic tip — a major cost savings. Its viscosity drives sharp, clear margins, too.

Available in three shades: A1/B1, A2 and A3.

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