Hemaseal & Cide with 4% chlorhexidine.

It's four products in one bottle.

If you want to practice dentistry at the highest level of your profession, use Hemaseal & Cide for the following four benefits when performing restorative procedures:

  • Elimination of post-op sensitivity - precluding the need to do remakes
  • Superior disinfection of preparations
  • Enhancement and prolongation of bond strength
  • Reduction of microleakage

Additionally, you can enjoy the following Bonus Benefit: Hemaseal & Cide eliminates the need to perform root-canal therapies, in many cases.

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"In clinical situations that call for maximum disinfection and desensitization, I reach for Hemaseal and Cide."
Michael DiTolla, DDS, FAGD/Glidewell Laboratories

"Hemaseal & Cide is a highly effective agent in eliminating post-op sensitivity. In addition, it is simple to use. Typically, chlorhexidine enhances shear bond strength."
Karl Leinfelder, DDS, MS, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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